About Me

I am a professional certified coach (PCC) and mentor. In my work with leaders, managers, and professionals of all ages, I see myself as a collaborator as much as a coach. When two people partner around a shared vision, profound change can occur. I am deeply curious about how things work, especially the human mind.  Life shapes us to become who we are and just as often, illuminates our un-mined potential by causing us pain or discomfort. Discomfort is a great place to begin!

I am an independent contractor who currently provides executive coaching to two Fortune 500 companies through a major university. My services include values clarification, LMAP 360 review and debriefing, strategic interventions, and professional development in women’s executive leadership programs and LEAD programs in the School of Executive Education and the Business School. 

My great loves are my family, growing orchids and fruit trees in Florida, hiking, and making quilts. I am “old school” when it comes to making things from scratch and love to go crazy in the kitchen. My best nights are gathering friends (my lab rats) and whipping up a feast. Life is meant to be a feast!