About Me

I am a professional coach and mentor. In my work with educators, leaders, young professionals and those with a desire to grow, I see myself as a guide as much as a therapist. I am deeply curious about how things work, especially the human mind.  Life shapes us to become who we are and just as often, illuminates our un-mined potential by causing us pain or discomfort. Discomfort is a great place to begin!

I spent several years in the Boston area in private practice, giving workshops in family therapy and training social workers. I have presented at national conferences in the field of chemical dependency. Recently, I have been donating time to work with women in recovery from cancer, coaching college students in Values Clarification and teaching writing to caregivers. I am also trained to de-brief LMAP 360 performance evaluations.

My great loves are my family, growing orchids and fruit trees in Florida, hiking and making quilts. I am “old school” when it comes to making things from scratch and love to go crazy in the kitchen. My best nights are gathering friends (my lab rats) and whipping up a feast. Life is meant to be a feast!