What you can expect from your first coaching experience:

  • A glimpse of your whole life
  • A respectful and supportive conversation
  • Some positive choices for moving forward
  • Sessions occur by phone, by Skype or Facetime, on your schedule
  • First session is at no charge

What you can expect over time:

  • Personal development in key areas of your life
  • Better communication and leadership skills
  • Increased confidence and professional growth

What is Personal Coaching?

A relationship that:

  • Inspires trust and moves toward lasting change
  • Engages you where you are... deepens joy and possibility
  • Increases creativity, stamina, and problem solving

Professional Certified Coach

Licensed Psychotherapist

Practice dedicated to client's:

  • Increased personal happiness, resilience and self-esteem
  • Leadership skills and engagement with others
  • Better relationships, tolerance and flexibility